Fine quality lawn turf from Phillips & Son turf suppliers Telford

01952 677266
Phillips & Son Turf Suppliers have been growing  & cutting turf for over 20 years. Our experience enables us to bring you the very best turf products  at the best prices.

Phillips & Son are dedicated to the production of high quality lawn turf. Our turf is grown from the highest quality seed available and freshly cut every day. This ensures our turf remains healthier and greener all year round

To place an order for the best quality freshly cut turf please ring our order line on 01952 677266 or fill in our enquiry form below. We deliver 7 days a week. Also we offer a full preparation and laying service.


Ensuring you have best quality topsoil is absolutely essential to provide early establishment and development of turf, seed, trees, shrubs and plants. Our topsoil It is perfect as a pre Turf Top Soil offering the perfectfoundation for Turf to establish. Phillips' Top Soil is also excellent for soil improvement in borders and ideal for Tree and Shrub planting.


We supply An excellent product ideally suited for mulching borders to reduce weed development and help maintain moisture levels during dry and hot spells of weather. Our Landscaping Bark is a natural product and will enhance the appearance of landscaping projects. Bark reduces need for irrigation and watering through reduced moisture loss.
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